The Walking Dead season finale was so good. Perfect ending!

The Musketeers… Something is bothering me. If the writers follow the true story of Queen Anne as a mother I think she might lose the baby. In history “On 14 March 1622, while playing with her ladies, Anne fell on a staircase and suffered her second miscarriage.”… So if she told Aramis about her first one… This means this is her second child… I don’t know… I think we’re all gonna cry so much more…

"We are alone. He was right."

The person owning this blog is currently mourning Allison Argent’s death.

I give up… I’m done with guys that are so complicated they make you feel like you are completely¬†insane. No, no more.

Sherlock. Season 3. Episode 3.


At the end:

"She is far, far away from me."

Once Upon A Time. Season 3. Episode 11.


Inspiration from the song "Say Something (A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera)".